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Ryan Star LJ Community
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17th-Aug-2007 01:10 pm - *A Message from Ryan...*
credit: www.ours-online.com (ran)
If you're part of Ryan's mailing list, you probably got this message this morning. But, I thought I should post it in case some people are not. It's really nice to see that Atlantic Records is giving Ryan the attention he deserves...

"Here we are. All together at last. I have been keeping in touch with so many of you through the myspace updates, youtube, message boards and web sites. Now we are all here in one place, back to where it all started for a lot of you--personal e-mails from me, keeping you up to date with the latest in what's going on. For those who are the pioneers, thanks for the patience and unconditional support I have felt from you from the Stage days, to the east village piano bar nights, all the way to international TV. A crazy ride I know, but I feel the same since I was 13. I want to get the music out to as many people as I can. That is why I am most humbled by your support because I know it all starts here with us.

I have been in the studio since January working non-stop because unlike the rock band of brothers or the raw sketch-like material you have heard from me in the past, this new album is excitingly different and is exactly what I set out for it to be. I look forward to you hearing the modern rhythms, world sounds, and the intimate touches that I have put into this new music. It took time, as these things do, but I am now in the official, final stretch and I am vehemently awaiting the debut.

As you can tell already by the sender of this e-mail, there are great and passionate people working on helping us with what we have done in the past. They believe in the music and in getting it out to the world. Once again, I am honored to be writing this letter to what I believe are the most incredible supporters and look forward to seeing the list grow. My reciprocation to all of your love is presenting very soon to you, the music that has been created over the last 12 months. This collection is very special to me as an artist and I realize that I am able to make this music because you want to hear it. Thank you for everything. This will be the year."

And the new video of Ryan in the studio Randy made to the song, "Last Train Home" -

And if you wait for me...Collapse )

That is all.
11th-Jul-2007 05:33 pm - *New myspace blog from Mr. Star...*
credit: www.ours-online.com (ran)
"This could be the year.

It has been a long road. Over a year ago I came out to Los Angeles. I came out not knowing what was in store for me. I came out with the dream of making music. The dream that I carried with me since I was a little kid. I found new ways to reach people because, after all, that is what the dream is for me. In a changing world, I traded in the intimate piano setting shows for a much less intimate audience. But somehow I feel like I was able to bring them into Rockwood Music Hall on Allen Street. For all of those who have been with me in the rain waiting outside to see an impromptu show sometimes with a little "banana's" or a little "fitty", I thank you. For all of those who know me through smoke, mirrors and commercial breaks, I thank you. The funny thing, as I finish up a collection of new songs, I realize that all of these experiences and all of you have gone into it. It is a sound that I feel I have always been waiting to make. In some places you will hear the intensity that me and my boys from Stage always reached for in the basement and across the country. You will hear those sounds of solitude in my living room that "the elephant's eye" captured. And you will hear what is new to me. The "newness" of it all is what happened to me playing in front of millions and then going around the world to play for them in person. I listen to the new music and I hear something more universal in it. Not universal "sellout", or at least I hope not, but a sound that feels like I can make a difference.

Stop right there: I know it sounds like an Oscar award speech but I do mean this.

I have the liberty of meeting so many people that share very private things with me about their lives. Every time that happens I get inspired all over again. I want to reach more and more people through music. I have always believed it is the answer and my calling.

So here we are: a few weeks before I finish an album of new music. A bunch of waveforms on a computer screen. But if you listen, it just could be something more. I thank you all for all of the love and being with me from the beginning. Even if that was yesterday.


Looks like we won't have to wait much longer for the new album! This is exciting! :)
30th-May-2007 05:47 pm - *New maintainer...*
credit: www.ours-online.com (ran)
Well, it looks like I've been appointed the new maintainer of this community...a job I'll gladly take on. I'm going into my third year of university this year so it may be hard for me to always keep on top of this community, but I'll definitely try my best to keep you all updated on any R. Star news. The only "new" news Ryan has given us about his album is that he should be done recording it by June. So maybe he's almost done now? Not sure. Nothing has been said about the title of it or about the tour that will follow once it is released. Once more information is given, I'll be sure to post it here.

That's all for now.
- Laura
19th-Dec-2006 11:30 am - i miss ryan

So, according to the website, and his voice post in November, Ryan is now working on an album. Has anyone heard if it's going to be rockin' dark horse Ryan, or the soft, acoustic Ryan? I personally like it when it's just him and a piano or guitar....since he's voice is so amazing. Or maybe a lil a both? Anyone know? Hmmm...maybe he doesn't even know yet? heh.

7th-Nov-2006 11:02 am(no subject)
jynx // kittenface
are any of you from around Cleveland? Ryan has a show up there tonight and i want to go but none of my friends can.
1st-Nov-2006 09:18 pm - screen caps
does anyone know of a place I could find screen caps of the 'We Might Fall' video? i'd like to make soem icons but i dont have the ability to cap videos on my computer.

1st-Oct-2006 04:28 pm - New message from Ryan
Hey guys!
I was watching the episode Ryan was eliminated again and that reminded me how much I like him so I decided to search more about him and I found this community which is really nice and now I'm joining it! 

I want to contribute to it, cause I want Ryan to be remembered forever.
There is a new message from Ryan on { http://www.rstar.net }! YAY! Here is the link: http://www.rstar.net/media/messages/092906.wav

How cute is him? Love the little yelp in the end of the video.
I'm still so pissed since I won't be able to see his performances cause I live in Brazil (look how far he came!)... that's why my English sucks BTW. 

I'm looking forward more Ryan!
13th-Sep-2006 12:49 pm - cd?
MotorCity Machine guns Shamwows!
ryan talked about a new cd last night. What was it called and is it the one Cardiac was talking about a few posts ago?
10th-Sep-2006 10:42 pm - Ryan Star Announces Live Concert!

Anyone live in the Philly area who might be able to car pool? Public transit in the area ends at 10:43, evidently.
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